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Irish Coffee – A Lesson in Comfort

The last thing I wanted to do was sound Grinchy this Holiday season. But, seriously  “Oh, the noise noise noise”  America. You’ve got me all twisted and tired with your bombastic politicians and reports on bombastic politicians. Memes help, but those are fleeting. I have been seeking refuge from all of the noisy, fiery, political […]

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Thanksgiving Eve is the Best Drinking Night of the Year

Thanksgiving Eve is the best drinking night of the Holiday season, if not the entire year. It’s a big statement maybe - especially with New Year’s Eve looming – but coming from the people who run bars, TRUST US, this is THE night of all nights to round up your crew and hit the town. The […]

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18 Reasons Fadó Is The Best English Premier League Bar in America

Over the past couple of years we have written plenty of articles about soccer on our blog. In light of the #BESTPLBARCONTEST contest that NBC and the BPL are running, let us make our case. No one is more dedicated – Since the turn of the new century, Fadó made a commitment to show every […]

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Eating Irish means eating better. Here’s why.

Irish pub food gets a bad rap. Always has. Pub grub, fried, frozen, bar food – and, I am here to tell you that the American food vernacular will never include, “I’m in the mood for Irish tonight”. What many Americans AND Irish-Americans may not realize though is that Ireland actually has a rich and […]

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It’s Time America to Pick Your English Premier League Team

The transfer window has shut. What are you waiting for America? There’s a moment in every sports fan’s life when you can pin-point when / why / how you picked “your team”.  If you can’t, it means that you didn’t have a choice …because your Dad or your Dad’s Dad likely chose for you. Like […]

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Dad’s Quiet Lessons On Beer

THE SUMMER DRINKS MENU IS OUT  …GO HERE TO WIN A HAPPY HOUR FOR YOUR GROUP!   Summertime memories of my childhood always include Dad, yard work and Coors Light. He loved to get his hands dirty. And in hindsight probably needed a place to go when a house full of 6 kids got as hectic as a […]

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The USWNT Has a Bandwagon. And You’re Complaining, Why?

I get it. You’re old enough to remember Mia Hamm when she was selected to the National team at 15, 90s enough to remember Michelle Akers and her “I used to drink Tab” head of curls and the golden boot in ‘91, and certainly fan enough to remember Brandi Chastain rip her shirt off after the […]


A Yellow Card For Fadó?

“If this was the US Men’s Soccer Team, Fadó would have NEVER considered doing something like this”   This was a real complaint from one of our valued customers. We closed one of our pubs to the general public June 16, the night of the USA v Nigeria group round match, because of a private party […]

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Extreme Beer – Extreme Love

For the past month, we have been celebrating extreme beers.  High quality.  High alcohol by volume (abv).  Big beers.  And when talking, sampling and selling such unique -sometimes hard to get- beers, it’s important to take a moment to learn (give thanks!) to the history of the big beer. Because that Cappuccino Chocolate Stout didn’t […]

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7 Things You Need to Know about St. Patrick’s Day

Ever heard of a Hibernophile? No, it’s not some sort of kinky obsession, it’s someone who has a love of Ireland and/or Irish culture.  Now that March is here it’s time once again for people to (re)connect with their Irish roots …no matter how far of an ancestral stretch it actually may be.  The hibernophile, who […]

Fado Irish Pub and Dating

Find that Special Someone (night stand) at Fadó

From behind the taps, our bartenders bear witness to a lot of interesting people-watching and arguably the dating scene generates the best shift fodder. Without question, I consider these bits of weekly entertainment just a little kick-back  - a morale booster, if you will, during some of those 14 hour shifts. It’s 2015 and dating comes […]


St. Patrick’s Day Always Starts Best With a Good Shave

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation partnership with Fadó Irish Pubs is one of the things I am most proud of about my employer. St Baldrick’s is a non-profit organization that raises money and awareness to fight childhood cancer. Fadó has partnered with the organization since 2002 and (as of THIS WEEK) has raised more than $7 […]

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Screw Your Resolution in 2015

Time to say what everyone is starting to think: Screw your Resolution.  Of course, if you have resolved to start hitting the gym more often or resolved to be more active in your community, please don’t “screw it”. These are straight-up positive changes. But, if you SWEAR that this is the year to give up […]

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Boxing Day Games ~ A Christmas Tradition

One of my favorite (adopted) holidays of the year is Boxing Day, which is celebrated in the UK, among other places, the day after Christmas. To catch you up, Boxing Day is a secular holiday that dates way back to the Middle Ages. Much of Europe and Canada acknowledge it as a national holiday as […]

Fairytale of Fado Irish Pub

Fairytale of Fadó Irish Pub

The Holidays are a special time of year at our Irish Pub.  Yes, it’s hectic. And, yes, staff are working harder than ever. But, there is a vibe about the atmosphere here. It’s magic. And like any kind of spell, there are a few key ingredients that make it work. Music Everyone moans about Holiday […]

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Guinness~ Dispelling the Myths

Guinness is The Original stout and the Irish take great pride in this …as they should. It’s a great beer. A really magnificent, beautiful beer. It has theatre and presentation like no other. Guinness also has a story.  It has a deep history that is as much a part of Irish culture as its food, music and […]

Guinness Treats

Be The Office Party Hero this Holiday Season

Let me start this off by saying, I am not normal. I actually love office gatherings. I honestly like to see people out of their typical ho-hum daily routine, snazzied up and letting loose a little bit.  It’s when you learn your co-workers are actually pretty interesting people. Not to say that I don’t think […]


Beating the Hobgoblins – with Beer

It’s Fall and anytime is the right time for beer. So, let’s break out of our comfort zone and do something different with beer, like drink it at an unexpected time of the day or pair it with something other than a slice of pizza or a bag of chips.  It was Ralph Waldo Emerson […]


Fadó Guide to Beer Season

This time of year makes me giddy. The weather is fantastic, sports are in full swing and the beer is seasonal, fabulous and plentiful.  If you appreciate good beer-or even if you don’t-you can’t miss the plethora of options when you walk into a good beer bar or, Irish Pub- if you will (and you will). […]


Day Drinking Strategy for Beer Festival Season

Fall is almost here and so is beer festival season! With it usually brings the kind of glorious weather that day-drinking sessions are made of! As a beer lover there is nothing more inspiring than a crisp Autumn day and no responsibilities except to “have a good time”. The brewers are hip to it too, […]

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Brunch is the New Black

Brunch is a very special social occasion in America and there isn’t a restaurant owner out there who isn’t putting their chef to the task of creating a menu just for it.  But, if you think about it, brunch really is a little weird.  Even a Publican can admit that a cocktail for breakfast is […]


Premiership is back. Who are ya?

Yippee! Premiership starts August 16! Our Saturday and Sunday mornings are about to fill up with the best excuse to drink Guinness before noon, ever  …English Premier League soccer. Yep, we’ll proudly open our doors early each weekend for the next 9 months to show live EPL matches.  We also offer prizes with weekly predictor […]


Seasonal Drinks Testing: It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

I love my job. Not many people can say that and actually mean it. But, a couple of times a year, I REALLY love my job ….it’s about the time that seasonal drinks menu development chatter starts. And, then it happens. I get an email invite with a subject line that reads something to the […]


My World Cup Hangover

After any good binge, there’s always that dreaded feeling of regret. You know it, right? It’s an irrational, melancholy take-over that (for me) so often happens after a great night out with friends and one too many.  Could be my age (yes, it’s because of my age) but I always wake up entirely too early […]

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World Cup – Always have a Plan B

Fadó is an Irish Pub and we show soccer, football, footy, futebol ….whatever you want to call it, over 9 months out of the year. It’s been like that since we opened our doors over 18 years ago. It’s like The Law -only more serious.  Our fans from the beginning were largely expats and international […]


How to Navigate Game Day like a Pro – World Cup Version

Back in May, we wrote an entry ahead of the Champions League Final on this very important topic.  But, since the turn out for the World Cup has been tremendous (this never gets old and neither does this), an updated version ahead of the USA v Germany game tomorrow seemed prudent. So, if you are new to the […]


Sharing The Miracle Moment

“When USA scored against Ghana, the pub shook. Literally shook”.   That’s all I heard over and over on Monday. That statement & those pub videos were broadcast over the interwebs and text messages en masse because those USMNT soccer fans wanted to mark the fact that they were there and shared, with so many […]


It’s Finally Here. We’re Ready. Are You?

June 12 is the Big Day. We’ve been counting down for so long, I can’t believe it’s actually here! Because, for a soccer bar like Fadó, the preparation has been underway for months. You’re going to love what we’ve done to the place. Put it this way: We’re WAY more ready than Rio. Check this […]


USMNT Fires Up Whole New Generation of Local Fans

Is it just me, or is the weight that American soccer fans are placing on each of the first 2 “USMNT Send Off Series” games pretty damn heavy? The social media channels are infused with so much chatter you’d think the boys were already playing IN the World Cup.  And, if you listen on those […]


Why I’m Done With “The Sads” Over Landon Donovan

Landon Donovan is NOT going to the World Cup this summer. Yep …quite the shocker. So unless you’ve been stuck under a rock or watching the hockey play-offs like every other red-blooded American, there’s no way you’ve missed this controversial drama play out over the past couple of weeks. It’s been quite a bombshell for US […]

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Champions League Final: Navigate Game Day Like a Pro

The UEFA Champions League Final is this Saturday, and we’re all going bonkers ‘cause it’s like that.  Real soccer fans understand that this game signifies the official end of the 2013 season.   Here’s why it matters so much to us: The 8(ish)-month long tournament is host to the best of the best of Europe’s […]


Soccer Genius to Win a Million Bucks at Fadó – Is it You?

World Cup fandom in the US keeps getting bigger and bigger. And, this year, with Brazil as the host nation, it’s certain to be EPIC (an epic party if nothing else, eh?) So, with Fadó being the best place to watch soccer and all,  we have decided to raise the stakes and go big too. Like, […]


Mother’s Day Brunch at Fadó: What Mom Really Wants

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I propose we change things up.  Not talking a revolution here- but I think it’s time for new ideas of how to celebrate Mom.  Of course Mom’s deserve their own day.  If you don’t get THAT …just stop reading now, this article isn’t for you. It’s time to challenge […]


Graduation season is here: A Lesson in Big Boy Bar Etiquette

Each spring, our pub is filled with families and friends celebrating their young college grads. And, it’s always a festive time with a lot of small and large private parties booked out in the pub. Dads and Moms, grand-folks, aunts and uncles — all happy and proud to spend an afternoon or evening at the pub […]


Soccer Scores Big (Finally) In The South

In America, talk of soccer historically has evoked images of mini-vans and juice boxes.  Well, times are changing.  There is a new face of soccer in America and soccer moms have nothing to do with it. The subculture of soccer in American cities has been emerging for some time now. Fans have long been gathering […]


An Enlightened approach to Beer: “Conscious Coupling”

This entire “conscious uncoupling” malarkey has got me thinking. First of all, “conscious uncoupling” is probably the most pretentious term one could spout out of one’s mouth.  But, if I were to be honest (as a self-confessed beer snob) I get the same sort of backlash to my ‘approach’ to beer drinking. For example, I […]


The Party is Officially Over. Time to Celebrate!

I’ll be honest. I had a bit of  a St Patrick’s Day hangover …well, metaphorically speaking anyway.  It’s been a full month of nothing but Guinness and whiskey and I need a break! As I started to record some event notes as a debrief (like party shot pouches were a HIT – do that again!), […]


The REAL FAQs we all have on St. Patrick’s Day

So every year we put together a series of FAQ (frequently asked questions) that will help party goers on St. Patrick’s Day navigate cover charge, parking, the menu, the band schedule and the dog question (which is a no – sorry.) We’ll do that again of course, but this go around I got to thinking […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

  Hibernophile, noun, (plural; Hibernophiles) defined as someone who has a love of Ireland and/or Irish culture.  In all actuality an Hibernophile probably hasn’t even heard of this word, but it doesnt matter. What DOES matter is that this love runs deep and the enthusiasm never wanes! Hibernophiles help to make the St Patrick’s Day […]


The 5 Types of People You See on St. Patrick’s Day

Ever heard the saying, “Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day”? Well it’s true. Every March, people (re)connect with their Irish roots …no matter how far of an ancestral stretch it actually may be. Despite where your mama made ya,  St. Patrick’s Day at Fado is so big it’s an actual season- and not just […]

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If Vodka is King, Whiskey is Queen

I wouldn’t be too sure that Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex and City girls would still order that classic “Cosmo” if they were around to hit the town this Friday night. That Cosmo and Manolo shite is SO 1999. Industry big wigs with their fancy charts and graphs are telling everyone right now that brown […]


5 New Reasons to Love Irish Pubs

If you’re reading you probably already know a bit about who we are so I will spare you some big intro. Let me start with this: working for our pub is good fun. I know this because I’ve been doing it for awhile now. Before that, it was my local, which means you can trust […]

Best soccer bar for World Cup 2014

Why American Sports Fans Love English Premier League Soccer

We are a few months into the Premiership season and, in my humble opinion, NBC has done alright by soccer fans with their coverage. They’ve got the right games on, the commentators are alright (ok, so who doesn’t think they could do a better job on the mic themselves) and they have done a pretty […]