What Kind of Soccer Superstar are You?

World-class footballers and world-class drinkers have one thing in common: they thrive in a team environment. But while each is a team sport, so to speak, everyone on the team plays an important, but different role. So we’ve donned our white scientist lab coats, crunched some numbers, and put in the man hours to do […]

Brunch is Stupid.

  About the blogger: Jeffrey Stephenson is an Atlanta stand-up comedian and has been employed by Fadó Irish Pub for six years. If you want to see him, check out Ladies’ Night at The Village Theatre the first Thursday of every month, or come into the Buckhead location on most Saturdays and Sundays for brunch.   Brunch […]

Admit It, You have No Idea What COPA Is.

The US Men’s Soccer Team are back in the news. Friday, June 3 at 9.30pm EST, the U.S. of A. take on Colombia in the COPA América Centenario. English Translation: Centennial COPA America. American Translation: The 100th Anniversary of COPA America and the US is hosting and it is a very big deal. Despite all […]