We’re Hiring

“Be yourself… everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde, the Irish writer, captured our approach to people with this simple quote. Over and over our people have told us the reason they work here is because they get to care about customers, be curious around their needs and share a bit of the craic (fun) at the table, the bar and in the kitchen.

If you enjoy being you at work, sharing your personality, your humor and getting to know your co-workers and customers then apply today.


Shara Celi

I started at Fado 7 years ago as a server and I loved it.  I’ve been promoted 4 times in two cities and am currently the AGM of one of the top 3 pubs in the company. And, I’ve had a blast along the way.

Shara CeliAssistant General Manager
Julia Oliveira

We make it fun for people. It’s relaxing, it’s laid back. I’m having a good time when I’m at work and I enjoy being at work, but then there’s still really good energy for all the people coming in.  It’s not ‘corporatized’, they really want you to be yourself, not just an automated order taker.

Julia OliveiraBartender
Barry Scanlon

This is the only place that I’ve ever worked where you are truly encouraged to get to know people. Make friends with people, like you said before. That’s what it’s all about. You’re making friends.

Barry ScanlonManager