Exceptional Comfort for Your Guests and Value for Your Company this Holiday Season

There are few places in Miami that setup as well as Fado if you are looking for a high quality yet comfortable venue for your holiday event.

Centraly located in Mary Brickell Village, our event space features opportunities for entertaining inside and out on multiple levels and in multiple environments. Our dedicated event team knows that most of our clients aren’t professional party planners so they are happy to walk you through the process to customize your event just for you.

No room fees, reservation charges or complex contracts. Our goal is to be the easiest and most flexible event venue in Miami.

Ley Zapata is our dedicated Event Planner, give her a call or inquire below to contact her.

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Fadó is a wonderful place to celebrate with a group. Our goal is to help create an memorable event and to make evaluation and booking process easy. Give us some basic info and we’ll respond back with information on availability.


Tell us about your event and let us customize something just for you!

We offer a wide variety of high quality food and drink options from light appetizers to full dinners. Our beverage program allows you to provide your guests with the highest quality draught beer, wine, and hand-crafted cocktails. Let us customize a menu based on your needs and budget.  Click here to see some of our food options.


Tell us about your event and let us customize something just for you!


Our event space in Miami sits above the plaza at Mary Brickell Village. Our pub was constructed in Ireland and is a contemporary expression of a classic Irish Pub with multiple rooms and areas to choose from. The traditional Stags Head area, the LED lit upper area of the pub or the indoor/outdoor deck are just a few areas to choose from. We’re happy to provide a tour of the different spaces to find the right one for your event.

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The Stag’s Head

Leaving the Deck you’ll enter into the Stag’s Head Victorian section of the Pub. It is meant to represent a famous bar in Dublin with the same name.  Here you’ll see the small Library section of the Pub. This is where we pay homage to some of the great writers in Irish Literature. Writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stroker, Samuel Beckett, and Brendan Behan. These writers created wonderful masterpieces and did most of the work while drinking in Irish Pubs

The Dublin Room

Directly to the right of the Stag’s head you see the elegant Dublin Room. With its large communal table, it is the perfect place to have a family dinner or a small private party.

The Indoor/Outdoor Deck

Passing the double doors from the Long Hall you enter the Deck area. It is the perfect place to meet friends for Happy Hour, have a business meeting, or cheer on your favorite team! Overlooking Mary Brickell Village, this fully private space is perfect for creating the best memories day or night.

The artwork here is another representation of the Oisin legend. The story goes that Oisin, living in Tir Na Nog as an immortal, falls in love with a mortal woman. He is allowed to leave his land and be with her as long as he stays on his horse. His lover is so overcome with happiness that as she gets on the horse to join him, he falls off and immediately ages and dies.

You will also see artwork telling the story of the freedom of Saint Patrick. He was abducted and sold into slavery to an Irish chieftain when he was just 16 . The design tells the story of his escape and eventual return to Ireland. Saint Patrick is known for saving the Irish people from paganism (the “driving out of the snakes”) by bringing Christianity to the clans. Saint Patrick’s day is a huge celebration in both Ireland and America and a major event for Fado Irish Pub. Interestingly enough, there are no snakes on the island of Ireland to this day.


The Yacht

The Yacht is your very own VIP area, perfect for a viewing party or an intimate birthday

The Victorian Room

Leaving the deck, you find a highly decorated Victorian lounge area perfect for a meeting, family dinners, or as a gathering space for your night on the town.

The Shop

Directly in front of the Victorian Room is the Shop. Typically, the Shop was a place for rural people to meet, buy some things for the home and farm, as well as socialize. A mixture of comfortable booths, high tables, and plenty of flat screen TVs make it a perfect place to mingle or party.

The Stage

At the top of the stairs you will find the stage. Whether it’s for your favorite game, an intimate gathering of a round of darts, the Stage provides the perfect space for you and friends.


Tell us about your event and let us customize something just for you!

I booked at Fado for my brother’s 40th birthday. I liked the idea of a casual place where everyone can just hang, eat, drink and listen to good music. I would absolutely recommend and plan other events at Fado.

Fortunee R.

Great location and beautiful layout. Good menu and food. Previously visited Fado several times and enjoyed it. Service was excellent, beyond expectation. Overall a wonderful experience.

Laura S. - Butler Pappas, LLP

I liked the variety on the menu, the prices and it ‘felt’ right. We enjoyed our experience at Fado, our server was FANTASTIC, the entire staff was so pleasant, we loved the laid back atmosphere.

Valerie Y.

Fado is one of our favorite places to go for happy hour. The food is delicious and the service is usually great. There’s also a nice, relaxed atmosphere that we really enjoy.