If Vodka is King, Whiskey is Queen

I wouldn’t be too sure that Carrie Bradshaw and the Sex and City girls would still order that classic “Cosmo” if they were around to hit the town this Friday night. That Cosmo and Manolo shite is SO 1999. Industry big wigs with their fancy charts and graphs are telling everyone right now that brown […]

5 New Reasons to Love Irish Pubs

If you’re reading you probably already know a bit about who we are so I will spare you some big intro. Let me start with this: working for our pub is good fun. I know this because I’ve been doing it for awhile now. Before that, it was my local, which means you can trust […]

Why American Sports Fans Love English Premier League Soccer

We are a few months into the Premiership season and, in my humble opinion, NBC has done alright by soccer fans with their coverage. They’ve got the right games on, the commentators are alright (ok, so who doesn’t think they could do a better job on the mic themselves) and they have done a pretty […]