Team Drinking T Shirts For St Patrick’s Day

We have just launched a new online store in time for St Patrick’s Day. Click HERE and check out (AND PURCHASE) our Paddy’s Day Tees, soccer tees, Hats and Moscow mule mugs!   

Dry January is over …it’s RE-tox February!

“Dry January” is over and, if you signed up, we hope you made it through the 31 days of baked kale chips and no-alcohol unscathed!  We get how important it is …we really do.  In Ireland and the UK, “dry January” is a real thing, borne out of a drinking culture that not only questions […]

Irish Coffee – A Lesson in Comfort

The last thing I wanted to do was sound Grinchy this Holiday season. But, seriously  “Oh, the noise noise noise”  America. You’ve got me all twisted and tired with your bombastic politicians and reports on bombastic politicians. Memes help, but those are fleeting. I have been seeking refuge from all of the noisy, fiery, political […]