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Pub Food Has Changed

Fadó is a reflection of its birthplace, Dublin, and the city has changed. With more international influences, Ireland’s capital has become a multicultural hub.  Pubs there are tapping into that diversity with new dishes, new flavors and spice, and fresh ingredients.

Pub food hasn’t gotten fancy, but it has become more compelling.

It’s that vision of Dublin that drives us and our goal to exceed that standard. As a result, you’ll see pub classics next to new dishes with new flavor profiles and ingredients. As the culinary bar rises, we’ll rise along with it. Expect a different Irish tale. We hope you enjoy.

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Our menu goes beyond the typical pub grub with a range of high quality Irish, pub and new tavern favorites all made from scratch. New snack and sharable dishes accompany sandwiches, entree salads, big plates and desserts.